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Hello, my lovelies! I hope you all had a great holiday season and are sticking to those New Years' Resolutions ;3

NGL I had some pretty rough times this past year. My mental and physical health was for absolute SHIT for the past few months especially, so you'll have to excuse my extended absence. Things are starting to get better on both fronts, and I'm getting back into the swing of things. I've got a lot of commissions backed up and a lot of weird cartoons to make, and I'm excited for that!

Speaking of resolutions, my goals for 2024 are to take better care of myself and to spend more time with art & music. Get my website built, make more animation, maybe even play music publicly for the first time. Basically drop some bad habits & adopt some better ones. Y'know, the standard stuff.

From now on I'm gonna be a lot more active here. I have a LOT of art projects planned that I'm finally starting to tackle, so do keep on the lookout! Just FYI a LOT of it (like, the majority of it) is gonna be either A) queer horror stuff with gay clowns, nightmare circuses and bloody violence or B) surreal, Fleischer-style traditionally-animated cartoons. If wither of those things aren't your bag, now's your chance to dip. No hard feelings, you gotta do you :3

All that being said, the major takeaway from last year is that despite me struggling, I can't really complain. I live in a house with my husband, my first animated short is well underway, I've made great progress on my music & I always have plenty of food to eat. I'm very fortunate and grateful, thanks to everyone who puts up with & supports me.

You can support my work over at my >>PATREON<< if you have a couple extra bucks to spare. You can also follow me on >>BLUESKY<< if you, like me, are no longer active on Twitter.


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